How To See a Black Hole: The Universe's Greatest Mystery

1 x 60'
One of the great astrophysical achievements in human history

RI Christmas Lectures 2001

5 x 50'
John Sulston lectures on the origins of life and how it has progressed to the present day.

Monster Moves - Season 4

6 x 50'
Hauling the heaviest structures across land, sea and air - Monster Moves returns for a fourth series.

Animal Mega Moves (aka Giant Animal Moves)

Adventures of specialist vets and transport engineers.

Monster Moves - Season 2

Two impossibly large structures… Two teams with a mission to move them!

RI Christmas Lectures 2002

5 x 50'
Join Tony Ryan, as he explores the molecular miracles behind everyday objects.

RI Christmas Lectures 2003

5 x 50'
Meteorite-hunter Monica Grady takes us on a 'Voyage in Space & Time'.

RI Christmas Lectures 2004

3 x 50'
Lloyd Peck journeys through the last truly unexplored corner of the globe... Antarctica.
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