Episode 1 - Falklands

In the Falklands War, a top secret SAS mission to South Georgia involves flying up the sheer face of a glacier and dropping men on an icy plateau, riddled with crevasses.

Episode 2 - Vietnam

In the Vietnam War, flying into jungle produces a different kind of hazard. In a daring rescue mission a desperate pilot cuts his own landing zone in forty foot tall bamboo.

Episode 3 - Afganistan

In Afghanistan, the combination of high altitude and dusty conditions make combat flying particularly challenging.

Episode 4 - Iraq

In the Iraq War, flying in the desert poses unique difficulties - there’s nowhere to hide, and a dust storm accompanies every landing and take-off.

The Series

When the iconic Huey helicopters were introduced in the Vietnam War, they changed the face of modern warfare forever. Now it is hard to imagine war without helicopters. 

Helicopter Wars tells the story of four extreme helicopter missions from four different theatres of war. Each mission features extraordinary personal bravery, nail-biting flying and intense jeopardy. 
In each film, we reveal the enormous skill and tough training needed to fly these machines in some of the toughest environments on the planet.
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4 x 60' for Five, NGCI, Smithsonian