The Film

In this groundbreaking programme magician, illusionist and cardshark Drummond Money Coutts leads us on an international journey into the thrilling and high stakes world of playing cards. Revealing the secrets and principles behind advanced card play, card cheating and demonstrating powerful card magic. 

We follow Drummond as he travels through London, Paris and Bangkok investigating sleight of hand and misdirection – the basic techniques used to manipulate cards secretly, by dexterity and deceptiveness, so the move appears like an ordinary, natural and completely innocent gesture. Climaxing in a dramatic end stunt, where he wagers his own hand on a dangerous version of this classic sleight in the backstreets of Bangkok.

A So Shoot Me/Windfall Films Co-Production.


Executive Producer
Head of Production - Windfall Films
Head of Production - So Shoot Me
Executive Producer/Writer
DV Director
Production Assistant
for Nat Geo UK