Ramses: Egypt's Greatest Dynasty

Archaeologists unearth new evidence about Ramses the Great

Mummy Hunters

Archaeologists hunt for mummies to reveal new evidence about ancient Egypt

Rise of Cleopatra

Archaeologists investigate Egypt’s most famous female pharaoh, Cleopatra

Rise of the Pyramids

Archaeologists unearth new evidence of how the iconic pyramids evolved

Tutankhamun's Death

Archaeologists investigate the suspicious death of Tutankhamun

Secrets of the Nile

Archaeologists investigate how the river Nile transformed ancient Egypt

Alexander the Great

Archaeologists investigate Egypt’s fiercest pharaoh, Alexander the Great

Secrets of the Lost Pyramids

The search for Egypt’s last undiscovered pyramid tomb and its lost pharaoh

Secrets of the Nile

Archaeologists investigate how the mighty river Nile powered every aspect of life and death in ancient Egypt. In Aswan Egyptologists excavate a lavish 4000-year-old tomb cut into the banks of the Nile. In Deir El Bahri, the team investigates some mysterious Nile crocodile skulls. And experts explore how the Nile transformed ancient Egypt into one of the greatest civilisations of the ancient world.

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