Ramses Mega Temples

Finding out how Ramses became the most celebrated pharaoh of all

Secrets of Egypt's Queens

How the queens of ancient Egypt ruled in a society dominated by men

Rise of the Mummies

One of Ancient Egypt’s great mysteries; the rise of mummification

Tut's Lost Tomb

Investigating the cause of Tutankhamun’s small and poorly decorated tomb

Legend of the Pyramid Kings

The mysterious kings of Egypt’s Pyramid Age

Cleopatra, Egypt's Last Pharaoh

The hunt for a lost tomb in a secret tunnel beneath an ancient temple

Pyramid Tomb Raiders

Revealing how robbers looted the pyramids and tombs of ancient Egypt

Tutankhamun's Unsolved Secrets

Searching Tutankhamun's tomb for secrets missed by the first explorers

Legend of the Pyramid Kings

Archaeologists hunt for clues to the mysterious kings of Egypt’s Pyramid Age.

They search the tunnels of the Great Pyramid; unearth a new tomb among the pyramids of three later kings; find evidence of a Pharaoh’s temple, lost for more than four thousand years; and shed new light on the legacy of the most powerful rulers in the history of Ancient Egypt.

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