Mystery of Rome's Volcano Temple: Dark Secrets of the Pantheon

Revealing clues to the Pantheon’s original purpose

Ghosts of Ancient Venice: Revealed

Using pioneering technology to hunt for clues to Venice’s dark history

Hunt for King Midas' Golden City

King Midas: everything he touches turns to gold. But is the legend true?

Rome's Doomsday Gate to Hell

This city hides a dark secret: the Romans believe it’s home to the Gate to Hell

Lost World of Sunken Stonehenge: Secrets of Seahenge

Who is behind the unusual structure uncovered by storms?

Deadly Mega Castle: Secrets of the Torture Tower

The Tower of London deconstructed

Earthquake Apocalypse: Mystery of Pavlopetri

The ruins of the world’s oldest sunken city: Pavlopetri

Pyramid of Death: Mystery of the Great Ziggurat of Ur

Can experts unearth a lost city, home to the first civilisation ever known?

Egypt's Strangest Pyramid

The Pyramid of Lahun: the oddest pyramid of all

The Secret Tomb of the Mountain King

Mount Nemrut, Turkey. What is the purpose of this mountaintop megastructure, and why is it destroyed?

Secrets of Persepolis

We follow experts unearthing engineering innovations, and use stunning CGI to restore the city to its former glory.

Inside Egypt's Valley of the Queens

Discovering the golden age of Egypt’s queens

Mystery of the Sumerian Temple of the Gods

After decades of conflict, now our experts have rare access to explore the ruins

Lost City of the Maya Queens

In a world of Kings, we unearth the stories of this city’s powerful Queens

The Sunken Secrets of Philae

The secrets of Philae can now be revealed

Lost Tombs of Egypt's Kings

Experts unravel the secrets of Egypt’s first and most powerful pharaohs

Lost World of the Desert Kings

Samarra, Iraq. Once the capital of the Abbasid Caliphate, one of the greatest empires in history

Rome's Lost Coliseums

We blow apart these stone titans to unearth the secrets of Rome’s lost coliseums

Secrets of the Lost City of Xanadu

Experts unearth clues and reconstruct the lost city in stunning CGI, to reveal the truth behind its legends

Lost Empire of Persia - Special

Discovering the secrets of this imperial powerhouse

Valley of the Queens: The New Secrets - Special

Experts venture inside tombs and decode ancient inscriptions

The Series

Did King Midas really exist? Was there a Roman city believed to be the gate to Hell? How was the floating city of Venice really built? Uncovering hidden secrets and decoding the mysteries behind some of the world’s most iconic structures from ancient to present day.

Travelling around the world to some of the most iconic sites from history, UNEARTHED combines scientific investigations and expert insight with stunning CGI animation to unearth the hidden secrets behind these famed monuments and reveal how and why they were created.

In the premiere episode, researchers piece together clues from across the globe to discover secrets of the ancient Persian empire, an empire so great it once ruled more than 40 percent of the world’s population. Just how powerful was the Persian empire, and what led to its ultimate demise? With unprecedented access to ancient sites, such as Persepolis deep in the mountains of Iran, UNEARTHED follows archaeologists on the front line as they investigate magnificent ruins and uncover mysteries that reveal new insight into this once mighty empire. Can a brand new excavation unearth pieces of the enormous glazed gate to the ancient capital city? Using cutting edge drone surveying, experts trace the royal road for miles across Iran, and venture deep beneath the grand palace of Persepolis to explore a hidden network of subterranean tunnels, to piece together the mysteries of this all powerful empire.

Also featured this season, UNEARTHED takes viewers inside a brand new excavation around the famous Ziggurat of Ur - once the centerpiece of a powerful ancient city full of wonders, that controlled much of Mesopotamia. Can enormous death pits reveal the truth behind bizarre sacrifice rituals that underpinned one of the world’s first cities?

In a world exclusive, UNEARTHED cameras are granted access inside Egypt’s mysterious Lahun pyramid, to discover secrets hidden for 4000 years.

And in the Mediterranean sea, archaeologists SCUBA dive in a race against the clock, to complete a state-of-the-art map of the ancient city of Pavlopetri, one of the oldest submerged cities in the world.

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