High Speed Super Ship

Breaking this extraordinary machine apart with CGI

Mega Train

Technological features that make this train the ultimate mega machine.

Mega Cruise Ship

Technological features that make this cruise ship the ultimate mega machine

Mega Plane

Exploring the engineering secrets of the mega sized Airbus Beluga ST freight plane

Flying Truck

This episode explores the engineering secrets of one of the world’s strangest and most powerful helicopters

Super Car

The electric super car that tears up the tarmac in a high stakes bid to be the world’s fastest

Monster Truck

The engineering secrets of the world’s weirdest heavy lift trucks

Flying Boat

The engineering secrets of one of the world’s most extreme powerboats

Super Tanker

Technological features beneath the skin of the ultimate mega machine

Flying Car

The future has arrived in the form of this ultimate mega machine

The Series

Rise of the Machines explores the world’s most extreme machines, capturing them in action and using spectacular CGI animations to reveal their extraordinary engineering secrets.

From one of the world’s fastest passenger ships to a heavy hauling timber train…from an innovative cruise ship to a gargantuan cargo plane….from a heavy lift helicopter to a revolutionary flying car. This series reveals the ingenious inventions hidden under their skin that enables the teams who construct, drive, fly and sail them to be at the top of their game.

This series transforms our understanding of the engineering around us. It takes us inside these machines in close up detail, to explore what helps these elite ships, trucks, trains and aircraft rise above all other machines.

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10 x 60' for Canal D, Cineflix, Discovery Asia, N-TV Germany, RMC, Discovery Science Channel, Servus, Red Bull