The Film

For the first time the Allied Officers of three nations return to Colditz castle to reopen the tunnels and retrace the routes of their legendary escapes.

With as many guards as prisoners, Colditz was considered escape-proof. But it wasn’t long before the officers pooled their talents to create the greatest escape academy of the war. Often for the first time, the English, French, Dutch and Polish officers and their guards describe their experiences.

Twelve years in the making, this three part series uses over 50 original interviews and striking reconstructions to tell the stories of many of the ingenious, daring, and sometimes foolhardy escape plans, and re-stages  some of the most remarkable “home runs”  with the  actual old boys who 55 years earlier had managed to find their way home across occupied Europe without being recaptured.

3 x 50' for Channel 4, WNET
Distributed by Channel Four International