Blowing this incredible machine apart reveals a powerful but lightweight engine and a smart computer brain that helps keep rubber on tarmac even on the tightest bends

Ultimate Hovercraft

The world’s most advanced passenger hovercraft dodges cruise ships and racing yachts as it delivers thousands of spectators to the Isle of Wight’s famous sailing regatta

Mega Rollercoaster

Blowing Helix apart with CGI reveals the engineering secrets that safely speed thrill-seekers at over sixty miles per hour through a mile of twisting track and 7 full inversions

Flying Ship

Half-boat, half-plane the Airfish 8 skims over the sea faster than any yacht, yet uses far less fuel than plane or helicopter

Super Plane

Revealing engineering secrets; from the nose that tilts wide-open to load cargo, to four gigantic turbofan engines with more thrust than Eight F16 fighter jets and landing gear with 24 wheels that allow it go almost anywhere

Mega Road Train

A multi-trailer truck that takes the role of a cargo train in Queensland’s vast agricultural Outback – hauling the biggest loads further than any other truck

Monster Train

This monster of the rails is designed to haul 24,000 tonnes of iron ore in one trip from mine to port through 300 miles of untouched Canadian wilderness

Arctic Icebreaker

This 15,000 tonne cold water specialist is the pride of the Canadian Coastguard and with good reason – it thrives in conditions that would sink lesser craft

Rescue Helicopter

The Cougar search and rescue team operate up to 300 miles offshore from Newfoundland in some of the world’s most dangerous seas

High Speed Train

Carrying 150 million passengers a year, the Tokaido Shinkansen is the world’s busiest high-speed train

Rescue Helicopter

When remote oil-workers are in trouble the Sikorsky S-92 helicopter is there to bail them out. The Cougar search and rescue team operate up to 300 miles offshore from Newfoundland in some of the world’s most dangerous seas. Their 12 tonne helicopter of choice has the power of five Formula 1 cars and unparalleled agility. Its crew relies on a slew of high-tech equipment to help them save lives in sub-zero conditions - from infrared cameras designed to spot warm bodies in the cold water to a state of the art rescue winch that can lift quarter of a tonne.

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