The Film

In 2007, Nobel Prize winning U.S. scientist James Watson was quoted referring to research suggesting that black people were less intelligent than other races. 

Watson's comments caused a storm of controversy and he was publicly condemned. Although he apologised for the offence he caused, his public engagements were cancelled and he left his British speaking tour in disgrace. 

Meanwhile, right wing websites hailed him as ‘the new Galileo’ a martyr to political correctness which was concealing the fact that there is indeed evidence that shows different races score differently in IQ tests. 

But are the tests biased? Is race a scientific category at all?

In this documentary Rageh Omaar sets out to find out the truth, meeting scientists who believe the research supports the view that races can be differentiated as well as those who vehemently oppose this view. 

By daring to ask the difficult questions, Omaar is able to explode the myths about race and IQ and reveal what he thinks are important lessons for society.

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Feature-length doc for Channel 4