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Episode 1 - Rescuing Ramesses

The greatest structural move in history - Abu Simbel.

Epsiode 2 - Risky Rescues

Two teams of movers - two remarkable rescue missions.

Episode 3 - Long Locomotive

A British team attempt to haul a long lost locomotive across two continents.

Episode 4 - Wooden Wonders

Two teams battle extreme weather to move two unwieldy wooden buildings.

Episode 5 - Historic Hulks

Two teams of movers attempt to haul two precious historic hulks to new sites.

Episode 6 - Huge Homes

Two teams of building movers attempt to haul two huge homes to new gardens for their owners.

Episode 3 - Long Locomotive
Britain’s leading heavy hauler Andrew Goodman embarks on an epic one hundred day journey on road, rail and ocean to move a vintage 15F steam locomotive 7,000 miles from Bloemfontein in South Africa back to Glasgow, Scotland where it was originally built sixty years ago.

The team face a tough set of obstacles hauling the 100-ton loco home. From dockside cranes that prove incapable of lifting the engine to severe ocean storms around South Africa’s treacherous coast. Can Andrew’s team haul it to Glasgow in time for homecoming celebrations?
for Five, Discovery Canada, NGCI
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