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Episode 1 - Rescuing Ramesses

The greatest structural move in history - Abu Simbel.

Epsiode 2 - Risky Rescues

Two teams of movers - two remarkable rescue missions.

Episode 3 - Long Locomotive

A British team attempt to haul a long lost locomotive across two continents.

Episode 4 - Wooden Wonders

Two teams battle extreme weather to move two unwieldy wooden buildings.

Episode 5 - Historic Hulks

Two teams of movers attempt to haul two precious historic hulks to new sites.

Episode 6 - Huge Homes

Two teams of building movers attempt to haul two huge homes to new gardens for their owners.

Epsiode 2 - Risky Rescues
On Nantucket Island in Massachusetts, we follow Jerry Matyiko and Joe Jakubik attempt to move Sankaty Head Lighthouse away from the crumbling cliff edge. The historic landmark weighs over 500-tons and is over 90ft tall. Can the team keep it upright as it moves along a unique rail track inland?

In Malmberg, Sweden we follow 25-year old house mover Andreas Martensson relocate the homes in a mining town. With the mine underneath the town collapsing, Andreas is locked in a race against time to move the buildings to safety before the arctic winter strikes.
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