Episode 1 - Supersize Submarine

A team of marine engineers attempt to move a Cold War Submarine across land and sea.

Episode 2 - Titanic Towns

Two teams of building movers face the fraught task of moving two towns under threat.

Episode 3 - Millionaire's Mega Yachts

A team of marine engineers attempt to move fleet of Mega Yachts across the Atlantic.

Episode 4 - Million-Dollar Mansions

Two teams of building movers attempt to move two mansions each worth over $1million.

Episode 5 - Colossal Courthouse

A team of movers attempts the biggest building move of the year : a 1,000ton brick Courthouse.

Episode 6 - Supersize Steamship

A team of movers attempts to move a classic Mississippi Steamboat 80 miles across land.

Episode 6 - Supersize Steamship
Heavy Hauler Jeremy Patterson faces the titanic task of hauling one of America’s largest and most famous steamships, the SS President, almost 100 miles across sea and land in St Louis. His original plan - to haul the 100metre long ship on a bed of over 80 wheels by road - is thwarted when it proves impossible to pull the ship out of the Mississippi. 

This leaves him with the enormous challenge of slicing and dicing the ship into pieces using blow-torches and cranes. Strong gusts and winter blizzards make the task increasingly hazardous. Once all the pieces make it to the town of St Elmo, Jeremy must re-assemble the giant jigsaw puzzle in the middle of the town and transform it into a hotel. Will all the pieces fit back together? 
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