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Unearthed - Series Two 12 x 60'

Fresh insights into the mysteries behind ancient civilizations

Strip the Cosmos Series 2

This series reveals worlds never seen before

Unearthed - Series One 6 x 60'

Revealing ancient wonders

How Things Work 10 x 60'

The hidden workings of our everyday world

Making North America 3 x 60'

Revealing the incredible story of a majestic continent.

Strip The Cosmos Series 1 6 x 60'

Exploring the mysteries of the Universe

Rise Of The Machines 10 x 60'

Mind blowing CGI animation ‘explodes apart’ some of the world’s most extreme machines.

Strip the City Series 1 6x60

Strip The City uses stunning CGI animation to strip major cities naked.

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Big Bigger Biggest - Series 3 6x50' for Nat Geo UK

Big, Bigger, Biggest is back - and it's bigger than ever. 6 episodes revealing the key inventions that allowed structures to evolve from simple and small into complex and BIG. Each episode opens showcasing the largest example of its kind and asks the question, ‘how did it grow so big?’ Then a whirlwind tour of CGI, demonstrations and actuality delivers the answer. Superstructures grow, evolve, bend, twist, move and collapse to reveal their secret workings - buckle up and prepare to be amazed!

Mummy: The Inside Story 3D

Travel inside the body of an ancient Egyptian mummy - in 3D!

Lost Ships of Rome 1x50'

An exploration into a graveyard of ancient ships

Generals Thumb
Generals At War 6 x 50'

Commanders from the great battles of WWII go head-to-head in a game of skill, bluff and counterbluff.

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