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Eclipse:Secrets of the Sun 1 x 60'

A rare opportunity to study the sun

Inside Chernobyl's Mega Tomb 1 x 60'

Constructing a mega tomb to keep Chernobyl safe

Building The World's Most Luxurious Ship 2 x 60'

Engineers and designers racing to construct the Seven Seas Explorer

Operation Lighthouse Rescue 1 x 60'

Can it be saved, before it’s too late?

Building Hitler's Supergun: The Plot to Destroy London 1 x 60

The monstrous cannon designed to reduce London to rubble

Your Inner Fish 3 x 55'

Meet the family you never knew you had.

Attack Of The Zeppelins 1 x 60

During World War 1 the Germans terrorised London by dropping bombs from Zeppelin airships.

Costa Concordia Disaster - One Year On 1 x 60

New evidence allows us to tell the story of what really happened.

Inside Nature's Giants: Jungle Special

The team take on their hardest challenge so far - to dissect an entire ecosystem

Lost Ships of Rome 1x50'

An exploration into a graveyard of ancient ships

The Windfall Reel

Watch a clip of our latest hits.

Love Trap Thumb
The Love Trap 4 x 50'

5 men from 5 nations. 1 girl. Who will win her heart?

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