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Building The World's Most Luxurious Ship 2 x 60'

Engineers and designers racing to construct the Seven Seas Explorer

Inside Einstein's Mind 1 x 60'

The story of the most elegant and powerful theory in science

The Wonder of Dogs 3 x 60'

No other land mammal displays such dazzling diversity as man's best friend

Last Shuttle: Our Journey

The inside story of the space shuttle and her final launch

Mummy: The Inside Story 3D

Travel inside the body of an ancient Egyptian mummy - in 3D!

Inside Nature's Giants Special - Giant Squid 1 x 75"

A one off special from the award-winning series

Life - Lord of the Ants

A window into the mind of the evolutionary revolutionary E.O.Wilson.

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Absolute Zero 2x60'

An epic journey into the quest for cold, from the dark beginnings to an ultra-cool frontier.

Machines of War 3 x 50'

The evolution of the cornerstones of the modern military - the machine gun, the tank and the cruise missile.

Mummy: The Inside Story 1 x 50'

Take a journey inside Nesperennub, an Egyptian priest whose body has been turned into a Cybermummy.

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Monster Moves - Season 1 3 x 50'

Building movers relocate Mammoth Mansions, Tall Towers and Long Loads – wholesale!

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