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RI Christmas Lectures 2001 5 x 50'

John Sulston lectures on the origins of life and how it has progressed to the present day.

Last Shuttle: Our Journey

The inside story of the space shuttle and her final launch

Monster Moves - Season 5 6 x 50'

A fifth season following the men who move the impossible.

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Monster Moves - Season 4 6 x 50'

Hauling the heaviest structures across land, sea and air - Monster Moves returns for a fourth series.

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Animal Mega Moves (aka Giant Animal Moves) 4x60min

Adventures of specialist vets and transport engineers.

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Heavy Haulers 4 x 45'

Jeremy Patterson - of Monster Moves fame - in his own reality show.

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Monster Moves - Season 3 6 x 50'

Monster Moves returns for a third series. This time, the structures are bigger and the routes a lot longer and riskier.

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DNA 5 x 50'

An EMMY award-winning history of DNA - to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the double helix discovery with Dr Watson himself.

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Monster Moves - Season 2

Two impossibly large structures… Two teams with a mission to move them!

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Big Bigger Biggest - Series 2 10 x 50'

Rolling back the clock and winding down the scale, each film reveals the inventions that allowed structures to grow supersize.

The Day The World Took Off 5 x 50'

This landmark series on the origins of the Industrial Revolution challenges traditional views of this dramatic period in history.

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Monster Moves - Season 1 3 x 50'

Building movers relocate Mammoth Mansions, Tall Towers and Long Loads – wholesale!

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