Episode 1

Stunning CGI animation reveals how a black hole is formed

Episode 2

This episode follows scientists investigating some of the earliest stars in the universe

Episode 3

The Universe contains over a hundred billion galaxies, each containing a hundred billion stars or more. Where did it all come from?

Episode 4

A planet so bizarre that some scientists now think it almost became a star – our sun’s secret twin.

Episode 5

How much more is there to the Universe than meets the eye?

Episode 6

Could it be that a missing, giant ninth planet orbits our sun in the dark reaches of space?

Episode 1- Supermassive Black Holes

Supermassive Black Holes are the terrifying objects that are now known to lurk in the center of every galaxy – even our own the Milky Way. Formed from an unimaginably large mass crunched down into an infinitesimally small point they are so dark they’re invisible.

But could there be a way of imaging our closest Supermassive Black Hole – known as Sagittarius A-Star at the center of our galaxy? This film joins the people at the very forefront of black hole research – the scientists discovering the ferociously energetic jets released by black holes that kill off star formation; and the engineers building networks of telescopes to probe the deepest secrets of the universes scariest phenomenon.

Stunning CGI animation reveals how a black hole is formed and what happens to any object venturing too close to it’s gravitational tug. We meet the researchers daring to investigate what happens inside a Supermassive Black Hole - a place where even Einstein’s equations break down and time itself ceases to exist.

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for Discovery Channel EMEA, Discovery Science Channel, Discovery Canada, Red Bull Media, Canal D, N24 Germany