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Abu Dhabi Super Tunnel

This film follows a team of engineers in Abu Dhabi they race to build the world’s longest and deepest sewer system right beneath the city streets, as the current network has reached its bursting point. Abu Dhabi is the fourth fastest growing destination city in the world. More and more skyscrapers soar up into the sky every year here to house its exploding population. But beneath the city trouble is brewing. Abu Dhabi’s sewer network – built thirty years ago to service the needs of a small town – has reached bursting point. It’s running at 150% capacity and can no longer cope with the growth above. This film follows a team of larger than life engineers and construction workers locked in a race against time to build a replacement sewer beneath the city. It will be an extraordinary feat – a labyrinth of subterranean tunnels making up the world’s longest and deepest sewer network, designed by the Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company (ADSSC) to save Abu Dhabi’s citizens from a diabolic deluge.

Episode 1: Tunnel Machine Mega Move The high-stakes exploits of engineers as they race to move the world’s largest Tunnel Boring Machine

Episode 2: Italian Superlink An elite team of engineers and construction crews battle to build Italy’s new super-highway.

Abu Dhabi Super Tunnel The race to build the world’s longest and deepest sewer system

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