Episode 1:Origins

The birth of North America

Episode 2: Life

The surprising story of life and the landscape in North America

Episode 3: Human

Exploring the connections between the landscape and human civilisation

Episode 3: Human

Explore the intimate connections between the landscape, the colonizing of the continent, and the emergence of our industrial world.

From prehistoric stone toolmakers to the gold rush and today’s oil and gas boom, North America’s hidden riches have always held the key to our prosperity. As a result, human activity has transformed the continent on a scale that rivals the geological forces that gave birth to it billions of years before. Yet, scientists warn of sleeping giants like the Cascadia fault, and the earthquake/tsunami one-two punch it could unleash on the Pacific Northwest.

Even as we re-mold the continent to suit our needs, geologic processes inexorably continue, and they raise potential risks of catastrophe to our human civilization.

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