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What the eyes perceive the mind believes – master of illusion DMC (Drummond Money-Coutts) is on an international journey to explore the thrilling and mind boggling worlds of advanced card play, illusion and magic in a brand new series, Beyond Magic with DMC.

Across 7 x 60’ jaw-dropping episodes, DMC performs and explores magic around the world - leaving London for Paris, Barcelona, Mexico and Singapore. Each episode explores a magical theme in which DMC scales up the key skills and principles at the heart of magic before reinterpreting and creating unique and unbelievable feats, tricks and illusions.  

Episode 1 - Torn Apart The series opens with a special 'as live' episode

Episode 2 - Deadly 50:50 DMC investigates one of the most secretive areas of all magic; the art of Mentalism

Episode 3 - Walking Through Walls In this episode DMC sets out to explore the most classical form of magic, that of 'grand illusion' and stage magic

Episode 4 - Defying Gravity DMC explores the legends of magic that take their inspiration from the ancient mystics and fakirs of the Orients and the Far East

Episode 5 - Crossfire This episode explores on of magic's most powerful techniques; misdirection

Episode 6 - Burning Man DMC recreates some of magic's greatest illusions that draw upton the dark and viceral worlds of sorcery, witchcraft, and voodoo

Episode 7 - The Sting Drawing on his own personal journeys in close-up magic and card manipulation, DMC will explore the methods and techniques of deceptive practices

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7 x 60' for National Geographic Channels