Operation Maneater

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Episode 3: Crocodile

Mark travels to Namibia’s Chobe River, a place that’s known as the croc attack capital of the world. Crocodiles here are growing in size and number and so is the frequency of attacks. Each time an attack occurs, the locals kill crocs in retaliation. To find a way to keep both people and crocodiles safe, Evans joins leading croc experts Rom Whitaker and Dr. Patrick Aust to carry out a radical new experiment. The idea is to train crocs to associate the sound of a bell with an electric shock. Evans meets attack victims and puts the croc training experiment to the test, with surprising results.

Episode 1: Great White Shark Mark explores non lethal ways to keep people - and sharks - safe.

Episode 2: Polar Bear Mark visits the isolated communities of Hudson Bay that are being terrorised by polar bears.

Episode 3: Crocodile Mark travels to the croc attack capital of the world.

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