Episode 1 - Urban Heart Surgery

The team face the challenges of Europe's biggest engineering project.

Episode 2 - Tunnels Under The Thames

The challenge of building train tunnels under water.

Episode 3 - Platforms and Plague Pits

The team uncover some gruesome discoveries of London's past

Episode 3 - Platforms and Plague Pits

This episode follows engineers building London’s brand new underground railway, “Crossrail”, as they race to build ten new train stations across London. A team battles to put together the giant jigsaw that will become a cathedral-sized station at Canary Wharf. It’s so big, they have to build it in a dock and underwater. Its architect-designed roof is so complicated it comes in a kit of over 2500 pieces. As engineers carve out the underground caverns that will become the new stations, they hit on some gruesome discoveries of London’s past.

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