Episode 1: Elephant

Joy and Mark travel to Africa to explore the unique reproduction challenges of the largest animal on land – the elephant.

Episode 2: Kangaroo

Joy and Mark are in Australia to uncover the reproductive secrets of some of the strangest mammals on Earth – the pouch-wearing Marsupials.

Episode 3: Orangutan

Joy and Mark travel to Borneo to explore the reproduction challenges of one of our closest cousins – the Orang-utan.

Episode 4: Dolphin

Joy and Mark investigate the reproductive secrets of marine mammals. How do animals that breathe air manage to mate, give birth and raise their young underwater?

Episode 4: Dolphin

We see a remarkable dolphin birth and find out why dolphins are born tail first. And Mark explores the difficulties of breastfeeding underwater and how dolphin and whale young avoid the biggest predators in the world - Killer Whales.

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