Your Inner Fish

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Episode 3: Your Inner Monkey

Neil looks at our primate past. Our ancestors spent tens of millions of years living in the trees – with bodies that looked a lot like modern monkeys. We can thank them for our versatile grasping hands, our amazing vision, and even the fundamental structure of our brains. But we’ve also inherited some hang-ups – bad backs, and a terrible sense of smell. 

Episode 1: Your Inner Fish How our limbs can be traced back to the fins of fish. According to Neil Shubin we are, every one of us, just a jerry-rigged fish.

Episode 2: Your Inner Reptile How our skin, teeth and acute sense of hearing can be traced back to our reptilian ancestors.

Episode 3: Your Inner Monkey How walking upright, gripping with our hands, and our excellent colour vision can be traced back to our primate ancestors.

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