Railroad Alaska Season 1

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A devastating snowstorm blocks the Railroad - Alaska’s lifeline. Brakemen Danny Forsman and Lynn ‘Animal’ Reitz bring out the Beast – a sixty-seven ton snowplough - and race to clear the way for a freight train hauling vital diesel for the Port of Seward. Meanwhile, Roadmaster Hugh Evans must make sure that the passenger train, carrying a worried mom Nancy Wilson, resupplies her Offgrid son John and gets through to elderly Homesteaders, Mary and Clyde Lovel to deliver an emergency generator. 

Episode 1 The Alaska Railroad is the only lifeline for remote settlers. Rail crews battle brutal conditions to clear an avalanche to deliver supplies off-grid

Episode 2 Roadmaster Hugh Evans races to clear the tracks and get the passenger train through.

Episode 3 A devastating snowstorm blocks the Railroad

Episode 4 A car crash threatens to shut down the Alaskan Railroad – Alaska’s lifeline

Episode 5 Jobs are lost after Brakemen Danny and Animal deliver a $10 million cargo

Episode 6 The big Spring thaw arrives awakening Alaska’s bears from winter hibernation.

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