Episode 1

Moving the massive home of a lottery winner.

Episode 2

A treasured local townhouse is hauled to it's new plot.

Episode 3

A dream home is sailed across the ocean to Union Bay.

Episode 4

A ranch is rescued from a flood plain.

Episode 5

A house is rescued from a crumbing cliff.

Episode 6

A massive mansion is moved 65 miles.

Episode 7

A country home is moved 150 miles by sea.

Episode 8

Moving an ancient church to a family farm.

Episode 9

A 250 year old cottage crumbling away as it moves.

Episode 10

A house is cut in half to be moved to safety.

Episode 11

A farmhouse is trucked 76km

Episode 12

A massive houseboat is lifted into the water.

Episode 13

A house moved across a city to make the perfect starter home.

Episode 14

A 50 year old bungalow is moved across Ottawa

Episode 15

Hauling a craftsman's cottage in Alberta.

Episode 16

75 tons of house is moved across Sun Valley.

Episode 17

2 days and 300km to move a house

Episode 18

House moving in torrential rain.

Episode 19

Will the house make it in one piece across the unforgiving terrain?

Episode 20

Will this Monster Mansion survive moving 6 miles?

Episode 21

A couple decide to move their home to a secluded spot.

Episode 22

Will this Spanish super-home survive an awkward assault course over land and sea?

Episode 23

A community comes together to save one of the oldest buildings in Halifax from the wrecking ball

Episode 24

Will the biggest storm of the 21st century dash the Taylor's dreams and perturb the Powells?

Episode 25

But will the 100 ton home survive the icy 100km trek through the dead of night?

Episode 26

Wade’s House Movers are called upon once again to truck a 50 ton home across the prairies

Episode 21: Rural Retreat

A couple in Alberta call in the house truckers to escape Calgary’s suburban sprawl and haul their existing home to a secluded spot well beyond the city limits.  Building movers Dwayne McCann take on the challenge.

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