Episode 1

What leaps in technology enabled the British to build the Western world’s longest metro system?

Episode 2

Revealing the technological leaps forward that have enabled the fastest train in the world – France’s TGV – to be developed.

Episode 3

The technological leaps forward that have enabled North Branch Correctional Institution in Maryland, USA, to become one of the most secure prisons in the world.

Episode 4

Revealing the technological leaps forward that have enabled the Arctic’s biggest icebreaking ship – the oil tanker Timofey Guzhenko – to be developed.

Episode 5

Discover the leaps in technology that enabled Chinese engineers to build the world’s tallest tower, the Canton Tower in the city of Guangzhou.

Episode 6

This film reveals the leaps in technology that enabled the biggest canal in the America’s to be constructed – the Panama Canal.

Big Bigger Biggest: Train (World's Fastest Train)

The French ‘Train à Grande Vitesse’, known as the TGV regularly reaches speeds exceeding 300 kilometers per hour. In special tests the train has been pushed to 575 kilometers per hour making it the fastest on earth. This film explores how the TGV was made possible through a series of four historic engineering breakthroughs. The film explores the inner workings of four iconic trains, including Stephenson’s record breaking Rocket and Japan’s revolutionary Bullet Train. Each features a major technological innovation that allowed engineers to build faster and faster trains. The film explores the development of powerful engines, aerodynamic design and innovations that keep trains firmly on the tracks. Using stunning CGI animation, this film reveals the incredible stories behind these machines and the inventions that have enabled them to get faster and faster. Four ingenious leaps forward that enabled trains to evolve from the world’s first steam passenger train into the fastest train on the planet.

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