Episode 1

What leaps in technology enabled the British to build the Western world’s longest metro system?

Episode 2

Revealing the technological leaps forward that have enabled the fastest train in the world – France’s TGV – to be developed.

Episode 3

The technological leaps forward that have enabled North Branch Correctional Institution in Maryland, USA, to become one of the most secure prisons in the world.

Episode 4

Revealing the technological leaps forward that have enabled the Arctic’s biggest icebreaking ship – the oil tanker Timofey Guzhenko – to be developed.

Episode 5

Discover the leaps in technology that enabled Chinese engineers to build the world’s tallest tower, the Canton Tower in the city of Guangzhou.

Episode 6

This film reveals the leaps in technology that enabled the biggest canal in the America’s to be constructed – the Panama Canal.

Big Bigger Biggest: Metro (London Underground Revealed)

The 402 kilometres long London Underground is the biggest metro system in the Western world. It’s currently undergoing a 26 billion dollar expansion project, building 30 new stations and drilling kilometres of new tunnels. This film explores how this metro system was made possible through a series of four historic engineering breakthroughs. The film explores the inner workings of four landmark metro systems, including the Paris Metro and New York City Subway. Each features a major technological innovation that allowed engineers to build bigger and bigger metro systems. The film explores the development of ground breaking tunnelling techniques, the perfection of propulsion and the construction of huge subterranean stations. Using stunning CGI animation, this film reveals the incredible stories behind these metro systems and the innovations that have enabled them to grow in size. Four ingenious leaps forward that enabled metro systems to evolve …from BIG to BIGGER into the Western world’s BIGGEST."

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