Episode 1

A team of maritime engineers battle to move and sink a huge US Navy ship in the Cayman Islands.

Episode 2

A team of aviation engineers attempt to move a historic Spitfire fighter aircraft

Episode 3

An intrepid team race to rescue two rare Churchill steam Locomotives.

Episode 4

Two teams of movers race against the clock to relocate a submarine attack aircraft.

Episode 5

A team of movers must transport a fleet of bespoke racing yachts.

Episode 6

A team of engineers race against the clock to move a colossal telescope.

Monster Moves Episode 6 - Mountain Mission

A team of engineers race against the clock to move a colossal telescope, weighing over 100 tons, up 5000-metres to a mountain plateau in Chile.

The telescope is part of an ambitious multi-million pound construction project in the heart of the mountainous Atacama Desert where 600 engineers and scientists are working round the clock to build the world’s biggest telescope.

With parts arriving from all over the world at the 3,000 metre base camp, they must assemble the telescopes to millimetre accuracy to be able to hunt down planets that might harbor life. With no vehicle big and sophisticated enough to transport the awkward and delicate freight up 5,000 metres to the mountain plateau, the team has to design a huge, 28-wheeled transporter like no other. The journey up to the plateau through the driest desert on earth is fraught with dangers.

Will the movers and machines cope with the extreme heat and lack of oxygen on their long climb up the mountain?

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