Episode 1

A team of maritime engineers battle to move and sink a huge US Navy ship in the Cayman Islands.

Episode 2

A team of aviation engineers attempt to move a historic Spitfire fighter aircraft

Episode 3

An intrepid team race to rescue two rare Churchill steam Locomotives.

Episode 4

Two teams of movers race against the clock to relocate a submarine attack aircraft.

Episode 5

A team of movers must transport a fleet of bespoke racing yachts.

Episode 6

A team of engineers race against the clock to move a colossal telescope.

Monster Moves Episode 4 - Mammoth Machines

Two teams of movers race against the clock to relocate a submarine attack aircraft from Canada to America inside the world’s biggest cargo plane, and a huge snowplough locomotive up a mountain.

British Pilot Harry Odone returns to Goose Bay airbase, Canada to rescue a Fairey Gannet Submarine Attack he had to abandon here five years ago when its engines failed. Harry needs to transport the vintage British Royal Navy plane 2,500km on a jumbo journey to New Richmond Airport, Wisconsin where it will be restored to working condition.

This edition follows the team race against time to lift and load the aircraft into the world’s largest operating cargo aircraft on earth, the Antonov-124, to fly it to America.

In Oregon, we also follow leading heavy hauler Chris Arsenault attempt to transport a 70-year old snowplough locomotive up ‘Train Mountain’ to a hillside throne.Moving the 120-ton historic hulk up the super-steep terrain and along narrow roads is a huge challenge.

Will both mammoth machines survive the perilous journeys to their new homes?

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