Episode 1

A team of maritime engineers battle to move and sink a huge US Navy ship in the Cayman Islands.

Episode 2

A team of aviation engineers attempt to move a historic Spitfire fighter aircraft

Episode 3

An intrepid team race to rescue two rare Churchill steam Locomotives.

Episode 4

Two teams of movers race against the clock to relocate a submarine attack aircraft.

Episode 5

A team of movers must transport a fleet of bespoke racing yachts.

Episode 6

A team of engineers race against the clock to move a colossal telescope.

Monster Moves Episode 3 - Titanic Trains

An intrepid team race to rescue two rare Churchill steam Locomotives, hauling them 850 miles across Turkey before shipping them back to the UK.

Saved from the scrapmans blowtorch, these ancient engines were originally sent to Turkey by Winston Churchill.

The locomotives are no longer able to run under their own steam, and too heavy to truck across Turkey’s mountainous roads. So the British team of steam enthusiasts have to hitch their way across Turkey on a series of freight trains. Navigating the single-track lines proves challenging and there’s the constant risk that these massive but fragile beasts could disintegrate beneath their feet.

Will the team reach the docks in Turkey in time to load the lumbering locomotives onto the cargo ship for their sea journey back to Britain?

for History TV, Five
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