Episode 1

A team of maritime engineers battle to move and sink a huge US Navy ship in the Cayman Islands.

Episode 2

A team of aviation engineers attempt to move a historic Spitfire fighter aircraft

Episode 3

An intrepid team race to rescue two rare Churchill steam Locomotives.

Episode 4

Two teams of movers race against the clock to relocate a submarine attack aircraft.

Episode 5

A team of movers must transport a fleet of bespoke racing yachts.

Episode 6

A team of engineers race against the clock to move a colossal telescope.

Monster Moves Episode 2 - Spectacular Spitfire

A team of aviation engineers attempt to move a historic Spitfire fighter aircraft over 6,000km from Duxford in England to Easton, Maryland USA for a private collector.

The vintage aircraft can’t carry enough fuel for the team to fly it to the US. Too large to be trucked or shipped intact, this episode follows the team attempt to dismantle it for its epic trek by trucks and ship. This operation is a huge challenge, as the aircraft must be flight worthy after it has been reassembled.

To squeeze the Spitfire inside a shipping container, the team must disconnect the fuselage, wings, nose and tail. They must build a support cradle for each component so they fit, snug, together like a jigsaw puzzle inside the container, and don’t bump or knock around. The journey is fraught with problems. Following a painstaking reconstruction process in Easton, will this classic aircraft survive the journey to fly again?

Story Producer
for History TV, Five
Distributed by Cineflix International Media Ltd.