Episode 1

How did the shark become the biggest fish in the sea?

Episode 2

The team venture into the swamps of the Florida Everglades in search of the giant Burmese Python.

Episode 3

From the outside, the lion and the tiger look very different, but once their skins are removed, even the experts find it hard to tell the two apart.

Episode 1 - Great White Shark

In the first programme of the series the experts travel to South Africa to dissect a Great White Shark.  Weighing in at almost a ton (900kg) – and nearly fifteen feet (4.5 metres) in length – this is the largest specimen caught in the country’s shark protection nets since 2002.

Joy Reidenberg has dissected many whales, but has never ventured inside a Great White before. She uncovers the shark’s incredible array of senses, including a unique ability to detect the electro-magnetic field given off by the Earth and other creatures.  And she braves a cage to see Great Whites close up in the water.

Mark Evans investigates the origins of the shark’s infamous killing bite and, out at sea, a bite force test on a live Great White shows just how powerful those jaws really are.  Richard Dawkins explains how the teeth and jaws evolved from the shark’s outer skin and gill arches. Using a massive tooth from a prehistoric shark, Simon Watt explains that there were once sharks three times bigger than the largest Great Whites – up to sixty feet in length!

During the dissection, the team reveal how the Great White’s gigantic liver has played a key role in the shark becoming the biggest fish in the sea.  The programme also investigates whether the animal’s reputation as a man killer is really deserved.

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