The Film

Doctors as detectives - solving real-life ER emergencies.

Accident and Emergency – widely regarded amongst junior doctors as one of the scariest and most challenging places to work. Patients present with a myriad of illnesses from the mundane to the life-threatening. Decisions must be made under great pressure and often with little if any information about the patient.

This series goes inside the heads of junior doctors as they attempt to diagnose and treat various life-threatening conditions. With few clues but a bewildering array of symptoms, the young doctors require all the skills of a master detective to put the pieces together and come up with a diagnosis.

The series combines actuality footage with innovative 3-D graphics that take the viewer inside the body of the patient… revealing what the doctors are unable to see. The result is a gripping minute by minute record of each critical moment in a patient’s first hour in A&E.

3 x 50' for Channel 4
Distributed by Channel Four International