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"The Cutting Club is a frank and intimate portrait of self-injury."
Young People Now

The Film

One in ten teenagers will self-harm by the time they're 16. The Cutting Club follows the lives of a group of teenagers and young adults from 14 to 21 who all have one thing in common: they cut.

Nia is 14 and she's running out of excuses for the marks on her arms. She has to come clean when her dad threatens to put down the family cat. Abigail is 15, she comes home from school one day to find her hidden stash of razors gone and all hell breaks loose. Natalie's trying to give up but its hard to resist the urges when you know you've got a blade stashed in the back of your mobile phone for emergencies. 
This is a frank and intimate portrait of self-injury  showing  how it impacts on the lives of  families and friends as well as sufferers themselves.
Executive Producer
Filmed. Produced and Directed by
Assistant Producer
1 x 50' for C4 Learning
Distributed by Windfall Films