Men of Iron

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The Series

A three part series telling the epic story of the remarkable group of men who went out into the British landscape in the nineteenth century and shaped it to their own design, using iron, steam and fire - the men who fashioned the railways, the bridges, the ships and the tunnels that propelled us into the modern age.

One man emerges as a true colossus - Isambard Kingdom Brunel, an engineering genius and a showman - flamboyant, arrogant and the owner of a fiery temper.

The other giant is Scotsman Robert Stephenson who couldn’t be more different: meticulous, careful and correct.

Their story is one of friendship but intense professional rivalry. When it ends, the products of their brilliant minds have changed the world forever.

Epsiode 1 - Railways

Episode 2 - Bridges

Episode 3 - Ships

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3 x 50' for Channel 4
Distributed by Channel Four International