Episode 1

A team of marine engineers attempt to move a Cold War Submarine across land and sea.

Episode 2

Two teams of building movers face the fraught task of moving two towns under threat.

Episode 3

A team of marine engineers attempt to move fleet of Mega Yachts across the Atlantic.

Episode 4

Two teams of building movers attempt to move two mansions each worth over $1million.

Episode 5

A team of movers attempts the biggest building move of the year : a 1,000ton brick Courthouse.

Episode 6

A team of movers attempts to move a classic Mississippi Steamboat 80 miles across land.

In the Press

"At last, something beautiful on television."
The Guardian

"Making dynamic programming about buildings is one of TV's biggest asks and the producers have more than achieved that goal."

"How can Monster Moves possibly top what it has already shown us – entire houses, churches and farms being trundled around like so many doll's houses? Here's how, with a programme called Total Towns."
Radio Times

"Wonderfully weird, like Top Gear signing up Gilbert and Sullivan"
Leicester Mercury

"There aren't many documentaries on TV that use a choir to help tell their stories; in fact we can think of only one - this one."
Radio Times

Episode 1 - Supersize Submarine
A daring team of marine engineers attempt to move a colossal British built Submarine 700 miles across water and land in Canada. The epic journey almost ends in disaster as the 1,400ton vessel topples over on a beach headland as it is hauled out of the sea onto dry land.

The incident packed journey follows the team battling to haul the Cold War 'O'-Boat Onondaga across the stormy North Atlantic, through narrow locks and up a perilously steep railway to reach its final destination. Will they make it before winter blizzards strike? 
for Discovery Canada, Cineflix, Five, NGC-US
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