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Episode 1 - Airport

The busiest airport in the world - London Heathrow

Episode 2 - Skyscraper

The world’s tallest skyscraper – the Burj Dubai

Episode 3 - Bridge

The world's longest suspension bridge - Akashi Kaikyo

Episode 4 - Aircraft Carrier

The world's biggest aircraft carrier - the USS Nimitz

The Series
How did Bridges evolve from tiny bamboo walkways spanning streams to super long suspension bridges connecting islands? How did Buildings surge ground-hogging town houses to cloudbusting skyscrapers? In a landmark, four-part CGI-driven series, Big, Bigger, Biggest reveals the inventions behind their remarkable evolution.

Each film opens showcasing the largest example of its kind and poses the question, ‘how did it grow so big?’

Rolling back the clock and winding down the scale, we reveal the seven inventions that allowed these structures to grow... and the seven historic structures these key innovations first developed in.

Over 50% of each film is set in a stunning and stylish CGI landscape, where our seven inventions and seven landmark structures come to life - they grow, evolve, bend, twist, move and collapse to reveal their secret workings.
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4 x 50' for Five, NGCI, NGC-US
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