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The Series
Big, Bigger, Biggest is back - and it's bigger than ever. 10 episodes revealing the key inventions that allowed structures to evolve from simple and small into complex and BIG.

Each episode opens showcasing the largest example of its kind and asks the question, ‘how did it grow so big?’ Then a whirlwind tour of CGI, demonstrations and actuality delivers the answer. Superstructures grow, evolve, bend, twist, move and collapse to reveal their secret workings - buckle up and prepare to be amazed!

Episode 1 - Tunnel The longest tunnel in the world – the Gotthard Base Tunnel

Episode 2 - Submarine The US Navy’s biggest Submarine – the USS Pennsylvania

Episode 3 - Aircraft The world’s biggest cargo aircraft – the Antonov 124

Episode 4 - Oil Rig The world’s deepest Oil Platform – the Perdido Spar

Episode 5 - Ferris Wheel The world's largest observation wheel – the Singapore Flyer

Episode 6 - Space Station The biggest space habitat – the International Space Station

Episode 7 - Dam The largest hydroelectric dam – China's Three Gorges Dam

Episode 8 - Cruise Liner The world’s biggest cruise ship – Independence of the Seas

Episode 9 - Dome The world’s largest spanning dome – Japan's Oita Stadium

Episode 10 - Telescope The biggest ever telescope – the Large Binocular Telescope

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