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The Christmas Lectures have been produced by Windfall Films in collaboration with the Royal institution since 2000. The lectures offer a leading scientist in their field the chance to inspire and entertain children (and adults) with dazzling ideas and spectacular demonstrations.

The lectures were first televised in 1936 – the year that the BBC started broadcasting television in Britain – but they date back to the Royal Institution’s most famous scientist, Michael Faraday, who gave the first Christmas Lectures in 1825.

Many world-famous scientists have given the lectures including Sir David Attenborough, George Porter, Carl Sagan, Dame Nancy Rothwell and Sir John Sulston.

In recent years lecturers have included Monica Grady, Mark Miodownik, Hugh Montgomery and Danielle George.

RI Christmas Lectures 2016 One of humankind’s biggest challenges: how to generate and store energy.

RI Christmas Lectures 2015 Space doctor Kevin Fong, takes us on a ride from launch to orbit.

RI Christmas Lectures 2014 Anything could happen. Sparks will fly.

RI Christmas Lectures 2013 Dr Alison Woollard explores the mysteries and secrets of life on Earth.

RI Christmas Lectures 2012 In this year's Christmas Lectures we unpick the chemistry of the world around us.

RI Christmas Lectures 2011 Professor Bruce Hood invites you to “Meet Your Brain”.

RI Christmas Lectures 2010 Dr Mark Miodownik takes us on a journey from the microscopic to the massive…

RI Christmas Lectures 2008 Prof Chris Bishop takes us on a 'High-tech Trek' into the world of computers.

RI Christmas Lectures 2007 Dr Hugh Montgomery explores what happens when the body’s systems are pushed to their limit.

RI Christmas Lectures 2006 Marcus du Sautoy attempts to solve... The Num8er My5teries

RI Christmas Lectures 2004 Lloyd Peck journeys through the last truly unexplored corner of the globe... Antarctica.

RI Christmas Lectures 2003 Meteorite-hunter Monica Grady takes us on a 'Voyage in Space & Time'.

RI Christmas Lectures 2002 Join Tony Ryan, as he explores the molecular miracles behind everyday objects.

RI Christmas Lectures 2001 John Sulston lectures on the origins of life and how it has progressed to the present day.

RI Christmas Lectures 2000 Dr Kevin Warwick investigates 'The Rise of the Robots'

RI Christmas Lectures 2017 This year’s Royal Institution Christmas Lectures on BBC Four explore the world of communication