Episode 1 - The Battle of El Alamein

Rommel vs. Montgomery - the super-aggressive Desert Fox vs. the wily commander of the Desert Rats.

Episode 2 - The Battle of Kursk

German and Russian tanks clash near the Soviet city of Kursk, as each vies for control of the Eastern Front.

Episode 3 - The Battle of the Bulge

Adolf Hitler's final offensive to stop the Allied invasion of Germany. Failure is not an option.

Episode 4 - The Battle of Midway

The fate of the war in the Pacific is about to be decided - a true David and Goliath story of naval warfare.

Episode 5 - The Battle of Stalingrad

The mother of all WWII battles - and one of most surprising turns of fortunes in military history.

Episode 6 - The Battle of Singapore

In 1941 Japan launches a surprise attack on Singapore, a tiny jewel in the Crown of the British Empire.

Episode 5 - The Battle of Stalingrad

1942 – as the Germans storm across the Soviet Union, Hitler becomes obsessed with taking Stalingrad – the city which bears the name of his arch-enemy Joseph Stalin.  The German army is led by General Paulus, a meticulous war gamer.  Facing him across the map table is Soviet General Chuikov – a hardened fighter, not afraid to get his hands dirty.

Paulus is confident he will soon bring the city to its knees.  But the German army reduces Stalingrad to rubble so successfully that the ruined city actually works against them.  It blocks their tanks and creates the perfect killing ground for Russian snipers and street fighters. The battle degenerates into bloody pockets of fierce hand-to-hand combat.

The Germans eventually gain control of 90% of the city. Then the Russians unleash a counter-offensive.  The Russian “rats” spring the trap back onto their attackers and encircle the German army. The siege of Stalingrad begins.

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