Episode 1

Rommel vs. Montgomery - the super-aggressive Desert Fox vs. the wily commander of the Desert Rats.

Episode 2

German and Russian tanks clash near the Soviet city of Kursk, as each vies for control of the Eastern Front.

Episode 3

Adolf Hitler's final offensive to stop the Allied invasion of Germany. Failure is not an option.

Episode 4

The fate of the war in the Pacific is about to be decided - a true David and Goliath story of naval warfare.

Episode 5

The mother of all WWII battles - and one of most surprising turns of fortunes in military history.

Episode 6

In 1941 Japan launches a surprise attack on Singapore, a tiny jewel in the Crown of the British Empire.

The Series

This exciting series for National Geographic adopts a fresh approach to the great battles of World War Two.

Each episode tells the story of a battle through the eyes of two opposing generals.  Two modern day military specialists, often generals themselves, get inside the heads of their historical counterparts to unpick their strengths and weaknesses.  A team of experts out in the field compare and contrast the hardware each general had at his disposal.

In a dramatic device, a war-time bunker becomes the setting for these epic conflicts.  As the generals face off across the battle map the action comes alive in CGI: soldiers march across the table, tanks blast away at each other and planes fly overhead.

The show was awarded the prize for Most Innovative Production at the 2010 History Makers Awards.

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6 x 50' for NGCI
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