Carlo Massarella

Creative Director

Emmy award-winning Executive Producer & Director Carlo Massarella has devised and worked on a wide range of innovative and successful science, technology and history series for British, American and Canadian television channels since joining Windfall Films in 1996, including the BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, PBS, Channel 4, Science Channel, H2, Destination America, TLC, UKTV, HGTV and Channel 5.

He devised and Series Produced six season’s of the hit engineering show Monster Moves for Channel 5, National Geographic & Discovery Channel exploring the engineering challenges of relocating large structures, vehicles and machines. Spin-off series’ Heavy Haulers for TLC followed the larger than life Patterson family relocating superstructures across America while Animal Mega Moves for National Geographic Wild and Five explored the challenges of transporting large mammals across the world by land, sea and air and Massive Moves for HGTV and UKTV followed the emotional drama of families relocating their homes.

He devised and Series Produced three series of the landmark CGI series Big, Bigger, Biggest for Five & National Geographic charting the engineering innovations that enabled superstructures to evolve in size and scale and was Executive Producer of Animal Superpowers for Nat Geo Wild. Hosted by Sir Patrick Stewart, this ground breaking series used stunning CGI and immersive in the field filming to unlock the secrets of incredible animal superpowers.

He Produced and Directed three films in the multi-award winning, critically acclaimed PBS/Channel 4 series, DNA marking the 50th Anniversary of the Double Helix in 2003 winning an ABSW Award and EMMY for 'DNA : The Human Race' - a definitive account of the Human Genome Project with contributions from all the leading scientists involved and former President Bill Clinton.

He was Executive Producer of Last Shuttle: Our Journey/Last Flight of the Space Shuttle an all-access, one year in the making hybrid documentary and live event for Discovery & Science Channel charting the definitive story of the space shuttle through the eyes of the people who made it happen as the clock counted down to the final ever launch.

He was Executive Producer of Countdown To Collision for Discovery Channel. This series used character-driven actuality and CGI to reveal the ingenious inventions that prevent disasters from spiralling out of control in complex super systems such as airports and metro systems. He was also Executive Producer of Discovery Channel’s hit series World’s Biggest Ship. This unique access obs-doc and CGI series was shot over two years charting the race by Maersk engineers to design and build a record-breaking cargo vessel.

He devised and is Executive Producer of Windfall’s new character-driven obs-doc series Railroad Alaska. This series for Destination America and Animal Planet follows the lives of crews who battle ferocious weather to keep the State’s vital railroad line operating during the winter.

He is currently Executive Producer of the hybrid engineering-geology series Strip The City. This hit series – now it it’s second season - uses ‘Inception’-style CGI to strip cities naked of their steel, concrete, rivers and bedrock – layer by layer – to reveal their hidden infrastructure and solve key mysteries surrounding their origins.

He is author of the book Monster Moves: Adventures In Moving The Impossible which accompanies the TV series. A graduate of Imperial College London, he returns regularly to lecture to Post-graduate students about the challenges of communicating science on television.